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Share your photos and let live

 Follow the guide!  

Take pictures!

That's your job! Take the best shots, scenes that everyone will remember...

Making your photos

Do you want a couple of tips for successful shots? Guide shooting


Create your account access

A few minutes are enough!

Simply enter your first name , last  name (so that your family and friends can recognize you !) and your email address (in order to receive messages from your loved ones, as well as send .

Once your account is created, you must click on the link in the email that is sent to you to complete your registration



Your details will not be published nor passed to third parties

Create an account

Create your albums

Fast and efficient

Create an album, enter its title , the date of the event , and send a photo to serve as album cover.


Send your photos

Create a . Zip archive to send all your photos at once, or send them one by one. You can then modify order, delete or add more. You can even create subfolders in the album!

Initially, no one can see the photos in the album except you. Read the following to learn how to give access to your loved ones...

Manage permissions

Find your friends

To add someone to the permissions list for the album, you must add it to your contacts. You can search for people on the site, or invite your friends by their email address.


Add access

Friends and family are registered? Allow them to see and comment on photos!

Create lists

The creation of the list with one click allows you to add "buddies", the "family" for example, to access certain albums.


Modify the permissions

You can grant privileges to your contacts on an album: Administrators, Moderators...

Finally, the heart of the matter: bubbles !

The bubbles are living your photos!

Relive the best moments

You have obviously noticed that when viewing a photo session, everyone has their own comment ... But all the people present at the photo may not be there ... With PICnB comment on your family photos and see the bubbles of others!


The magical moments found

As a comic, you can relive the scene describe a situation, how protagonists tell the joke that has done so much laughing in the picture...

Select your bubble

Select the bubble that best fits what you want to write...

1 Exclamation
2 Exclamation


Customize the words

Set the size of the bubble, its position , the meaning (up arrow, down etc.).. Write in smaller or larger, in another color...